Pedrali Inox_4491

Pedrali Inox_4491
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Height 73 cm
Available colors brushed stainless steel, polished stainless steel, black, white, Ral9006
Weight 38 kg
Maximum top square 120x120 cm
Maximum top round 150 cm
Size base 60x60 cm
Diameter column 80x80 mm
Adjustable gliders yes, only stainless steel
Available from stock yes

Tablebase Inox 4491/4490

SC195 info

Description of Pedrali Inox_4491

When you choose this model in a painted version (white, black or Ral9006) the base does not have a separate cover. The ballast plate is made out of lacquered steel plate and therefor has some texture and is not 100% smooth.


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